5 Benefits of Clean Air in Your Workplace

There’s no denying that health and safety in the workplace has been a major concern in last year and a half. As more and more companies are returning to in-person workplaces, they are needing to re-think how to keep and maintain the healthiest work environment for themselves and their employees.

According to one study found on actionforclearn.org.uk, air pollution is responsible for an estimated 6 million sick days per year in the UK, with scientists estimating that air pollution cuts British people’s lives by an average of 6 months. Maybe it’s time to think twice about the air you, your employees and/or co-workers are breathing day in and day out.

Whether it’s a small tattoo shop or large warehouse, workplaces are where most people spend a huge percentage of their days, weeks, months, and years in and when the air quality is forgotten about, it’s the health of workers that takes the toll.

There are several ways to improve the air quality of your workplace including installing a high quality air purification system, allowing more air flow by opening windows and doors (when the weather permits) and sometimes even placing air purifying plants throughout the workplace. Whichever one you decide is best for your situation, the most important key is to consistently follow through with improving the air quality over the long-term.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 benefits of clean air the workplace…


1. Reduces the Risk of Illnesses

When workers have clean air, they automatically reduce the risk of spreading airborne viruses and illnesses by removing particles from the air through filtration and purification. When there are no harmful bacteria or viruses floating through the air at high speeds, the risk of an illness spreading throughout the office is significantly less.

This is why so many companies have turned to air purifiers being placed throughout their offices and workspaces. Unlike other popular solutions such as air purifying plants, air purification systems like the Kleenaire USA allow for the air to go through a purification process, removing the harmful particles completely before shifting the air back out through the filters.


2. Increases Productivity

Did you know that according to a recent Harvard University study, employees with a clean air environment performed 61% better on cognitive tasks than in standard office conditions? And in fact, when the employees were tested on performance after doubling the ventilation in the workplace, their performance increased by 100%!

But should this really come as a surprise? Think for a moment when you head outdoors on a hike or go for a walk and breathe that fresh mountain air…you feel almost instantly feel better, right? Your head is clearer, you’re aware of your thoughts and overall, you feel much healthier whether consciously thinking about it or not. When there is consistent air flow and ventilation of purified air in the workspace, a similar effect takes place.

So, the question now is – can you afford NOT to have clean air in your workspace? By spending a small amount of money investing in a quality air purification system like the Kleenaire USA, you will reap the benefits of employees thinking more clearly and see an overall increase in productivity.


3. Reduces/Eliminates Chemical Ingestion

If you were to ask anyone the question: “Would you want to ingest harmful chemicals on a daily basis?” the answer would most likely always be a “No!”. So, why then do we allow our employees and co-workers to go about doing just that on a day-to-day basis? It’s likely because we don’t know it’s happening and even if we do, we aren’t sure what to do about it to fix the issue.

 Unfortunately, in many workplaces we see a large amount of harmful and often times highly carcinogenic chemicals and substances being breathed in by workers. This can happen in large factories where heavy machinery is being used, in labs such as prosthetic and orthotic labs where frequent sanding of materials like carbon fiber are happening and even in a small hair salon where blow driers are spreading chemicals from products around the space.

 By removing this from happening using air purifiers, air purifying plants, or even simply opening up windows and doors on a regular basis, the likelihood of your employees and co-workers ingesting harmful chemicals goes way down.


 4. Increases Life Expectancy

 As mentioned above, air pollution can actually affect the cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory systems in a major way. More and more studies are showing that poor air quality has the ability to shorten people’s lives.

 By trapping and removing even the smallest of particles that seep into the lungs and even skin can help increase the life expectancy of your employees and those you work with.


5. Improves Sleep

When dust or harmful allergens get caught in the airways and eventually build up in the lungs, employees begin to develop either allergies or sometimes hay fever in more serious cases. Both of these events cause them to lose sleep and become more ill over time.

 By removing these from the workplace and instead placing a high priority on clean, purified air in the workplace, you are improving the sleep and in turn, the overall productivity and health of everyone in the workplace.

 Are you convinced now that clean air is a MUST while at work? We certainly hope so! No matter what protocols you take to ensure you, your employees, and/or co-workers are breathing clean, purified air we hope that you have found this article useful and can now prioritize cleaner air in your workspace.

5 Benefits of Clean Air in the Workplace