Centrifugal Blower

There were no compromises in the selection process of the blower units for the Kleenaire air filtration system.  Broad impellers are used for the blowers with dual inlets.  Air is drawn in via two inlet rings and guided through the impeller and out the air exhaust.  This results in minimal noise generation at high airflow.  Combining the power of the centrifugal blower with the unique design of our dual filtering system, air is thrust through the filters cleansing it and exhausting cleaner, healthier air.


Each blower is wired with two airflow levels and uses a max. of 4.04 amps.



Decibel Levels




    -  Highest - 63 db

    -  Lowest - 55 db


Call 208-429-0026 to order your Kleenaire purification system or for replacement filters.

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