Charcoal Filters

The granular filter is fabricated of a rigid support structure and charged with 100% premium grade coconut shell activated carbon.  The activated carbon absorbs odors and irritants while maintaining a low resistance to air flow.  The actual life of the filter is determined by the dust and vapor contaminant condition of each application.


The 1" thick metal frame of the filter is designed to withstand high moisture environments.  This filter uses and electro-galvanized metal frame for added stability often required in damp and humid conditions.



See Manufacturer's Capacity Index chart for information on contaminates removed by the charcoal filter.

Manufacturer's Capacity Index

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The unique cleansing properties of the charcoal filter does not mask odors, it absorbs them.



When to Replace Your Filter


There is no set time frame to replace your filter.  This will vary depending on your usage and what is being filtered through it.  If you notice the odors aren't being removed like they should be, it is definitely time for a new filter.  Another way to determine if it's time to change it is by the filter's weight.  The charcoal filter weighs 5 lb. brand new.  Periodically take the filter out and weigh it.  When it reaches 7.5 lb. it is time for a new one.



Filter Measurements




25" H x 20" W x 1" D




Note on Humidity


There may be a need to rotate or change filters more frequently in high humidity areas.

It can be helpful to dry out a set of filters and rotate them with another set in the Kleenaire as needed or replace filters more frequently.

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