Features & Benefits

Why spend top dollar on an air filtration system that requires special installation?  The Kleenaire dual filtered air purification system has been designed to be easily installed, maintained and cost effective.


Easy Installation


    -  Wall installation takes only minutes with easy to read instructions and mounting accessories


    -  No disruption or inconvenience to employees or patients due to installation


    -  Designed to re-circulate the air continuously eliminating the need for costly duct work for outside venting


    -  Save on heating and cooling bills since the air is re-circulated continuously and not vented outside


    -  Standard 110 volt wall plug



Cleaner Facility and Healthier Work Environment


The Kleenaire air purification system has been designed to accommodate a number of standard filter element combinations.  By taking advantage of the absorbent qualities of activated charcoal, the Kleenaire unit can be used for not only dust control, but for removal of annoying and unhealthy odors and contaminates.


You will have less complaints from employees/patients about the quality of air in the work place.  Owners will have peace of mind knowing they are providing a healthier working environment for their employees/patients because it is free of harmful contaminates.



Call 208-429-0026 to order your Kleenaire purification system or for replacement filters.

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