The Aeropleat filter will remove many of the contaminates associated with today's indoor air quality concerns.


-  Designed with 12 pleats per linear foot in a radial pleat design


-  100% synthetic blend media provides medium grade ASHRAE performance and increased dust holding capacity


-  Welded wire media grid is treated for corrosion resistance and prevents media oscillations or pull-away


-  High wet-strength beverage board frame creates a rigid and durable filter pack




When to Replace Your Filter


There is no set time frame to replace your filter.  This will vary depending on your usage and what is being filtered through it.  Since the pre-filter is visible and you can see the contaminates on it, you should use your own discretion as to when this filter should be changed.



Filter Measurements




25" H x 20" W x 1" D




Note on Humidity


There may be a need to rotate or change filters more frequently in high humidity areas.

It can be helpful to dry out a set of filters and rotate them with another set in the Kleenaire as needed or replace filters more frequently.




Call 208-429-0026 to order your Kleenaire purification system or for replacement filters.

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