Mini Kleenaire Air Purification Unit

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Ideal for smaller rooms whether at home, in the office, manufacturing facilities, medical labs, schools, restaurants, patient care facilities and so much more. The best air purifiers are those that can lower CO2 levels in a short amount of time, which is exactly what the Kleenaire Air Purification Unit has been designed to do. Lowering CO2 levels means removing harmful particles and reducing the risk of airborne viruses spreading to your family, staff, students, or customers. 

Office/Small patient room   (Fumes, Odors, allergens, germs, etc. ) (Viruses with MERV13 filter) 

(5 Air changes per hour recommended)  100 sqft  -  Mini Kleenaire 

The Details...

  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Voltage: 110 volt - Plugs into any existing wall plug (4.04 amps max)
  • Cubic Feet of Air Changes Per hour: (1 Speed) 60 CFM, Example: A 100 sqft. Room with the fan running will move air through the filters 4.5 times every hour.
  • Installation Time: Just plug it into a 110-volt plug
  • Included Filters: Charcoal Pre-Filter & MERV-8 Filter (You may purchase the MERV-13 Pre-Filter separately)