"We were amazed at the immediate results we got from our Kleenaire fan.  After it ran for 24 hours everyone in the facility was commenting on the improved quality of our air.  No more offensive odors were circulating throughout the building.  I have bought 3 and will soon purchase another fan for a new location."


      Glen Crumpton, CPO

      Alabama Artificial Limb/Orthopedic Services Co., Inc.





"We have noticed that the odor from gluing has almost disappeared from our office/lab space.  After 2 weeks of use, the filters were just full of dust.  Imagine what we were breathing.  We have also noticed a decline in the residue we normally see floating in the air when we are grinding.  Overall, we are more than pelased with the results we have experienced so far."


     Aldo Alvarez, CO

     Ortho Pro Associates


Call 208-429-0026 to order your Kleenaire purification system or for replacement filters.

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